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About Us

Hi, my name is Doyle Moss.

I have guided since 1989 with the best and most reputable outfitters in the United States. With the states current management programs, we hunt for the largest animals they have to offer. I have since started my own company, MossBack Guides & Outfitters, we hunt only for the trophy hunter, and 90 percent on public lands.

We have Team MossBack Guides in Montana and Utah, we hunt with Western Wildlife Adventures in Nevada, and we now also have MossBack Arizona.

We are currently the top producing elk & mule deer outfitter in Utah and possibly the Western United States,

In 2000 we killed the 2nd largest typical elk 400 2/8s this bull is currently one of the greatest typical elk of all-time. This same year we also helped harvest of one of the greatest typical mule deer of all time.

In 2002 we killed the State record non-typical bull 418 gross 412 net with Jeff Deidrickson, it was the first bull to net over 400 in the state of Utah.

In 2003 Ron Skoronski killed a giant 8x9 with us that grossed at 414.

In 2004 Larry ball took an amazing 408 gross 401 net bull.

In 2005 we killed three bulls over 400, the best being 420, another Ron Skoronski bull.

In 2006 we killed eight bulls over 400, four of which netted over 400. The best bull scoring 433 Gross, the Ron Skoronski bull and also Utah’s New State Record typical and #4 in the World typical, and it is the largest straight 6 point of All-time.

2007 was even better with 9 bulls over 400, and some true giants, Utah’s new #2 archery bull the Troy Ence bull at 422 gross and 415 net, and the “Lucky” bull taken by Jimmy Ryan is Utah’s #1 archery bull which grosses 436 and nets 421 it also became Utah’s over all #1 non-typical bull. Stan Atwood also killed the new World Record Tule elk, SCI at 372.

In 2008 we did not take a bull that scored 400 but Denny Austad killed the “ Spyder ” bull, which beat out Jimmy Ryan’s bull for the #1 spot as Utah’s State Record non-typical and also beat out every other bull in the world as the largest bull elk ever, with a B&C and World Record score of 501 and SCI's World Record 508. Heather Farrar took Montana’s new #3 black bear all time record over 21 net. We were also involved in taking seven bucks over 200 inches with 255 being the largest. Including Del Bradys buck at 236 gross, 226 typical and SCIs new #2.

2009, due to the Utah’s Fish and Game Management programs there were only five bulls killed in the entire state over 400, MossBack was blessed to be apart of killing two of the five. Including Judy Helms new #1 bull taken by a woman, 404 gross and nets 392. Also Team MossBack was a part of 13 bucks taken over 200, 227 being the largest.

We also currently hold the State Record muzzleloader antelope, 84 4/8 net, the top two Rocky Mountain Goat State Records, 52 net, and the World Record Rocky Mountain Goat muzzleloader. Our Muledeer range from 220 to 240 Non-typical, and we have bucks netting 210 Typical. Each year we take many other giant deer, elk and big game that make Pope & Young, Longhorn, Boone & Crockett, and SCI record books.

Along with guiding hunts, I have packed along my camera and captured them on video. I also video other hunts across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Africa. All of the MossBack Guides pack cameras and film as many hunts throughout the year as possible. 

Other videos I have produced and/or filmed; Aspen Fever, Whitetails Forever, Muley Crazy #4, BuckMasters Big Game II, BuckMasters Big Game III, BuckMasters Western Hunting Adventures, Bucks Bulls & Bighorn, Hunting Plains Game in Africa, MossBack Trophy Hunting South Africa, Hunting Monster Elk on White Mountain, Bucks of the Jicarilla series, MossBack Big Game Adventures, The Mossback Mulies, and Mulies Gone Wild series, and also the MossBack Screaming Bulls and Bulls Gone Wild series, MossBack Honkers Gone Wild and MossBack Shed Freak, MossBack Babies, MossBack Muley Heaven series and the MossBack Legends of the Fall series, and a whole lot more to come.

For a recap Doyle & Caryn Moss and the MossBack Team has filmed and produced, 34 dvds and have taken 29 bulls over 400 and one over 500, and way too many deer to count over 200 and record book heads. You can see pictures and stats of these great animals in Utahs Big Game Record book (available in our webstore ). Thanks and please come Discover the Difference with us!

There are several ways you can contact me for information and pricing on guiding your hunts.

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Doyle Moss